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"In 2009 we realized that all physicians were going to be forced to go to electronic medical records eventually and that it would be a good idea to implement as early as possible in order to get the stimulus from the government. We looked at various vendors and found that though they had many features none were very easy to use. IMS was very intuitive and was much more affordable."

Joann Insalaco, Office Manager, Lindenhurst, NY
"SuiteMed has provided the structure and organization needed for efficient practice of internal medicine. It has streamlined my office operation from reception, to visit notes, to billing and collection. The charts are better organized and access to test reports is immediate. It has clearly reduced the labor needed for filing (the equivalent of a part-time position in my office)."

Dr. Harry Li, Internal Medicine, Columbia, MD
"We have a busy Internal Medicine practice and looked at many EMR’s prior to choosing SuiteMed. We found SuiteMed to be one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive in terms of its breadth and depth of its functionality. Our entire practice runs off of SuiteMed and it has allowed us to completely automate and convert to electronic format all of our office processes."

Prashant N. Pandya, MD, Internist, Livingston NJ
"Since installing SuiteMed, our cash flow has increased over 40%, our AR is easier to manage with a billing module which allows us to follow-up, re-bill and re-print claims with a single click. I’ve saved more than $60,000 in dictation fees a year. Using SuiteMed, we’ve been more successful than ever before."

Steven Gest, M.D., Owner, Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, Emeryville, CA
"It’s great to have a system customized to meet our needs. [Our previous software] could never do what SuiteMed does. What I really like is that it saves us time through better organization. I also like the environment of accountability that it creates among staff members because our actions are recorded in the system."

Doris Gee, Physician Assistant
"I have been using EMR since 2003 but when I was really looking to go paperless I chose the SuiteMed program, because of the different features they included to get a physician closer to that goal. Because I was familiar with EMR I knew exactly what I wanted and SuiteMed worked with me to customize the software with templates specific to pediatrics."

Dr. Regine Bataille, Pediatrician, Boynton Beach, Florida
"My bad-debt write-offs have been reduced over 90%. Pre-SuiteMed, we had an average of $80,000 per month outstanding in charges waiting for referral. Since implementation of SuiteMed we now regularly maintain no more than $400 per month. The software more than paid for itself in the first two months since we started using SuiteMed."

Julie Ziehm, Billing Manager, Flint, MI
"I think the support is the most appreciated part of SuiteMed. The templates are very good and our revenue cycles have improved. We’re getting more money in and having more success collecting our claims. The integration, shot records and templates are also very well designed."

Dr. Sandeep Gupta, North Texas Allergy & Asthma Associates.
"The most prominent complaints from patients were the wait times; when we made the move from (Previous System) to SuiteMed, our wait times decreased significantly from 40–60 minutes to less than 16 minutes."

Denise LeNoir, Nurse Practitioner
"[Our previous software] was always a quagmire. Getting support was difficult and, as a physician, I never felt that I had any control over my practice’s dynamics. SuiteMed allows me to review physician and patient activity from anywhere and stay on top of management issues. The reports that are instantaneously available to me are very helpful for reallocating resources to meet the needs of various aspects of my practice. I feel more in control with SuiteMed."

Dr. Michael LeNoir, M.D., Physician and Practice Owner
"SuiteMed is much easier to use. I had worked with [our previous software] for seven months and still felt uncomfortable. After I had been using SuiteMed for only a month, I felt more comfortable than I ever did with [our previous software].”"

Kendra Hearne, Medical Assistant
"SuiteMed really speeds up the check-in process. I like being able to handle multiple tasks like faxing and processing prescriptions from my desk without having to run around. The system’s multiple options make me feel like I can run the whole office without having to leave my desk, and I definitely have less paperwork to do."

Asmara Puckett, Front Office
"Using our old software was like driving a car 100 miles per hour blindfolded. As an Office Manager I couldn’t get in there and readily access data and do any kind of analysis. I used to think of new ways to look at data and wonder if our old software could do it. I sleep well at night because with SuiteMed I know it’s possible.”"

Jeff McGee, Office Manager
"Reduce the High Costs of Delivering Quality Care "Our monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS - a huge savings for our company." Rashmi Chauhan, IT Director, The Wellness Plan, Detroit, MI"

Rashmi Chauhan, IT Director, The Wellness Plan, Detroit, MI
""The software more than paid for itself in the first two months since we started using IMS. We have been able to double the volume of business in our practice without adding additional staff since we started using IMS! The time from service to billing is also reduced for our practice so we are able to collect receipts from insurance companies at a faster rate.""

Steven Gest, M.D., Owner, Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, Emeryville, CA
""I am very pleased with IMS due to its flexibility and ease of use. There were also minimal disruptions during the transition from the old system to the new system""

Dr. Patricia Hopp, Emeryville Occupational Medical Center,Emeryville, CA
"Within 1 months we were seeing as many patients as we had been prior to EMR implementation and after 2 months we were at the height of FLU season and we were seeing more patients than previous years. We are now easily able to see 40-50 patients versus the chaotic 30-35 we were seeing prior to IMS."

Joann Insalaco, Office Manager, Lindenhurst, NY
"One of my preferred features is the interface with the state immunization registry followed by the document management as a close second. I also like the different reports we can easily pull. If you really want to go paperless and be compliant with the different guidelines SuiteMed is the one for you."

Dr. Regine Bataille, Pediatrician, Boynton Beach, Florida
"It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have completed most of my tasks at the end of each day. My patients seem more satisfied with the timely communication of test results and prompt refilling of their medications using the system. SuiteMed has provided wonderful technical support for the installation and maintenance of the system in my office. SuiteMed has enabled me to improve the delivery of care and to run my office better."

Dr. Harry Li, Internal Medicine, Columbia, MD
"We have been able to double the volume of business in our practice without adding additional staff since we started using SuiteMed! The time from service to billing is also reduced for our practice so we are able to collect receipts from insurance companies at a faster rate."

Julie Ziehm, Billing Manager, Flint, MI
"Along with its ability to change templates on “the fly” and various “Link with” capabilities in the SuiteMed EMR allows us to rapidly document visit notes, provide patient materials and follow-up, and generate proper billing charges. Overall I think that SuiteMed is an excellent software package that has been getting better over the two years that we have been using it. It has allowed our office to significantly improve its efficiency and allowed us to properly document our patient encounters and follow-up. Keep up the good work!"

Prashant N. Pandya, MD, Internist, Livingston NJ
"In particular, our office has been impacted by the outstanding document management system/fax server, prescription handling and EMR. The document management system/fax server is excellent and has allowed us to convert all incoming correspondence, such as consults, reports and patient results, to electronic format and organize them in customizable categories. This has substantially improved our practices efficiency as our staff no longer needs to file piles of paper. At the same time all of these correspondences are easily available to all of our staff without having to pull a chart. SuiteMed EMR is one of the most comprehensive that we have found and provides for complete customization of visit notes."

Prashant N. Pandya, MD, Internist, Livingston NJ
"This program has continued to grow and improve as the technology expands. Compared to other local physicians who are using other EMRs ours has tremendously better graphics and functionality. I am happy to have purchased this product"

Janet Alvarado M.D Highland, Il.
"We switched from Medinotes to SuiteMed and have been very pleased! The fax server has streamlined our paper flow, the ease of creating a note is such an improvement over our previous EMR, the My Task is an awesome way for our office to communicate and the implementation team brought everything together quickly and efficiently."

Kathy Aguilar, Office Manager Pediatric Digestive Care
"We started the end of 2008 with billing only, then progressed to computerized scheduling, patient workflow, faxing, reminders and task followed by implementation of a selective group of providers. We are now in the final phase of provider implementation and anticipate the paperless office to be a reality for our organization of over 70 staff shortly. SuiteMed is a powerful program and customizable to meet not only the needs of our multi-specialty practice, but also the various computer skill sets of our personnel. Add to that the continued support of the implementation team, we feel confident of meeting our goals and our ability to continue to grow our business."

Cynthia Summers IT Director at SRH / SheTechs
"The thing we like the best about it is. That it is obvious that Prashant has worked in a medical office before and knows what physicians need to do, have to do on a daily basis to really, not just get through the day but to do all the little ancillary things that might cost you billing points and here and there. And also be able to do it in such a way that you cab get gine and have some time with your family, see a decent patient volume but keep track of things so that you can take good care of people and also see a volume that you can make a decent living, just because that is the nature of how medicine works these days"

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"Before when we were still with ______ emr, there was no good way to track labs, and no good way to track referrals. It did not have a very good phone messaging system, we were actually doing a paper based phone messaging systems."

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"Due to the fax server, our paper output in the office has dropped. We were going through two reams of the 500 sheets of paper a week, since we have started we have gone through only 2 of the reams in 5 weeks. My assistant reminded me that most of the paper printed right now is being generated because of me, since I like to print the prescriptions and hand them to the patient."

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"We still have to scan some stuff, alot of the specialists will send us reports or clinic notes via mail. Now we have a process in place when it comes in, it gets scanned right away and the paper gets thrown away. There is not paper flying everywhere like it used to be. That part has improved considerably"

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"When we were on ________ (previous emr), we were averaging between 16 and 18 patients a day. The documentation was so laborious, that I could get half of it done throughout the day and then I would go home at night and finish the other half and then I spent a lot of weekends finishing what I couldn't keep up with. It really caused me to work every waking second of every waking hours and it got old very quick. So far this month (IMS was installed this month), we are averaging 21-22 people a day. Most of the time by the end of the day 80% of my notes are complete and I would go home and in an hour I would finish everything up."

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"It has allowed me to see probably about 20% more patients and the documentation time, I probably cut it in half. So I was spending 3-4 hours a day documenting previously )previous emr) and now I am spending 1.5 to 2 tops"

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"One of the things I do in my practice is muscular skelatal ultrasound. and I now have a template designed where I can very accurately enter in inorfmation, where even voice dictating would have taken me 30 to 45 seconds to dictate/transcribe an ultrasound note. It takes me about 30 seconds to click on the buttons to transcribe the same note. And all the information is there that I need to document and to get the coding up there and to relay to other healthcare people"

Ross Osborn MD, Jacksonville FL
"When we had _________ (previous emr) I always threatend Dr. Osborn that I would rather flip burgers and that I would take Joan (receptionist) with me. Prashant promised that after go live I would not want to go flip burgers. I am loving the new system."

Mary Kalmeyer MA, Jacksonville FL
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